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I'm 14 years old. I started self harming 1 year and 5 months ago. It was chicken scratching to begin with before I moved onto using broken hair clips,nails&my compass. Then my broken glass. My left arm is covered in scars that can't be seen. I started cutting because I felt worthless as I was always getting into trouble. My ex boyfriend was the first person to learn that I cut and he's supported me. When I broke up with him my whole world came tumbling down around me.I was oblivious to pretty much everything. I remember my mum had to bring me my dinner upstairs because I didn't come down to get it. I never ate it. For 2 weeks after I barely ate and I was an emotional wreck. I used to barely eat in the past.
My mother found out about my self harm last year in august but she didn't care. My best friends know and they were upset. My best friend is also going through what I'm going through. I've seen his scars and he is one of the people I look up to as he's strong even through dark times. Another person I look up to is Demi Lovato as she's been through the same thing, she's stayed strong,she's incredible<3 I'd love someone to talk to so kik me Littlewhitelieees

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