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My name is Charlie Wright, I am 14years old and this is my story.
I started to self harm when I was about 12years old, I had no one! I felt alone and lost. At that time I had just moved away from the foster family we had lived with for 71/2 years,we had to mov because they had raped me and my sister. I lived with my brother’s Leon and dean, and my sister Nicole, nothing was the same, we argued a lot, I hated it, no one understood my pain, I was having a hard time in school, I got bullied by most of the children in my year and years above, it was horrible, I would cry myself to sleep every night, I started to see this counsellor in my school her name was gill, she understood everything it took me a good few months too open out to her about my self harm problem, she was always there to talk to, when you feel lost and alone. i just want to say to anyone out there who self harms, it gets better it really really does, you are all far to precious to harm your self’s like this, there are other way’s, talk to people, too those who have attempted suicide and have failed, stop and think you failed for a reason and that reason is that you belong here, things get better, you’ve probably Heard it so many times before but it’s true, just hang in there guy’s. if you ever see someone who has scares, please please have some respect and not make fun, you don’t know there story or what they been through or maybe what there going through right now I hope people listen and realise how hard it is for people to, live there life’s this way, sometimes all they need is to know someone is here for them, befriend them, talk to them and let them know your going to be here for them no matter what!.

Story shared: 17/06/2014 13:00:32

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