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i hate my life

My story started around 1993 when i was 4 my father had been previously diagnosed with schizophrenia he had constant arguments with my mother who tried to protect me and my sisters he was violent and threw things my sisters who were born before me to a different father had to grow up with this horrible man i regarded them as my full sisters they helped and protected me from the arguments as i grew up i had several attempts on my life by my father but the police or anybody weren't bothered they did nothing he hung round with drug dealers and was even producing cannabis in our house my mother reported it to the police and even took photos of the stuff he was doing but they did nothing finally my mother intervened and got one of the dealers arrested for 8 years my "father" then was caught cheating by my mother and me my mother and sisters left the house and moved we were ok for a while but he eventually found our house he terrorised us for several weeks threw bricks through the windows etc. he eventually moved back in and life was hell again i was 7 now and going to the local school and if i was ever ill e.g flu or anything else he would not believe me and claimed i was lying and forced to go to school.
At home if anything happened it was either me or my sisters fault e.g who drank the milk,who moved this,who left this on stupid things like that were made into a major argument that caused extreme consequences it happened all the time it may seem petty but this was a real problem that went on for years.
When my sisters could they left home at the quickest possible age so me and my mother were left on our own with him all the way up to now we have been mentally abused i was severly depressed at this point on but nobody cared 4 more years passed and more attempts on my life occured i hated him with all my heart my mother protected me but after such events occured he'd act as if nothing happened and repetitively tried to justify his actions my mother got me help consisting of appointments to a CPA to help me with my problems after about 4 months and after my "father" justified and sweet talked them into believing nothing was wrong they classed my case as no risk and my appointments stopped the mental torture continued and i comfort ate and became over weight i then went to high school where i started to fail at grades due to deppression and i was repeatedly bullied for being over weight this and what was going on at home made things worse for me and in 2005 i had a nervous break down and i self harmed i was then bullied by my "father" with taunts such as "how are you doing SLASHER" and i got increasingly depressed.
The day after i woke up crying and skipped school and went to my nan's she made me an appointment to see a doctor who refered me back to a CPA i saw the CPA since im now severly faling at school to my depression but ive not been diagnosed with depression and the authorities involved classed me as fine ive been having suicidal thoughts now for a while right now im at an all time low i just don't want this any more.
Recently my mother was away and he asked me to take the rubbish out i was going to do it but i didn't want to at the time so he got angry he then went to pick my mother up an when they got home he repeatedly asked me to take it out and my mother just said to take it out just to stop the argument i said i would but not now he then got really angry and threw a 2inch thick catalogue at me and i instantly said you missed i know i shoudn't of he then threw remote controls at me one hit me in the head and i blocked another with my arm he pulled out a knife and said "right now i won't miss this time" at wich point my mother stood up and said if you dare ill call the police and he put it away i went to bed and he then tried justifying his actions with my mother.
The next day he acted as if nothing happened and that he was the good guy in all of this at this point and upto now writing this im so depressed and have no help or friends to rely on.
I know my story is long i thank you for reading it it's helped a bit getting this out and most of all THANK YOU

Story shared: 17/06/2014 16:36:09

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