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so, I need help, I seriously don't have an idea about what to do about the situation Im in, basically me and my ex broke up in may and the day after that he started going out with my exbest friend. this really hurt me I mean she was my friend and she went behind my back and sed yes to him even tho she saw what he did to me, I was constantly in tears not having a clue what to do. ive been told he cheated on me with many girls, altho I believed them I had no prove so it wasn't really reliable. she also lied to my face by saying that they don't speak no more and if they did she would come and tell me. I mean this proves shes a fake. even tho me and him broke up we still talked, and one day he asked me if he could come over and ovvi I was stupid and sed yes. once he came we sat on my bed and he sed sorry for everything that happen between us and he sed that he never wanted to make me cry, its just the way he is. bare in mind me and him went out for a year and 6 months so I did still have feelings towards him, and we both just leaned in for a kiss. and this is how we became friends with benefits. for a bit I kept thinking that I wanted to lose my v to him cause od our past and the fact that I still trust him and we was pretty close, a short while after that he told me that I was the one and that he missed me, I sed the same feelings towards him but it didn't make him dump that fake whore. he would come to my house and do things with me eg fingering and kissing and touching. I know this is wrong and this brings me to my next point. I got called names by his mates and he was with them saying nothing at all, not even telling them to stop. after that the same evening he popped up to me on a social networking site asking me why I was so annoyed with him and what has he done. this just proved my point that he never really cared about me and he just wanted to have a play around. like 2 months after that when I totally moved on from him, totally forgot he was still breathing he popped up telling me he wanna speak and he wants things back to normal. I didn't respond for ages until one day I popped up and asked if he was still going out with the same girl and he sed yes but he wants to remain friends, I didn't reply at all and gave up with him and by the looks of things so did he. looking back at things im glad I haven't lost it to him cause this whole thing proved that he wasn't worth anyting and that karma is a bitch. I still don't know what to do cause I see him often since he lives on my block. helppppppp

Story shared: 19/07/2014 16:49:19

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