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My mom the bully

I don't hate my mom, I'm just confused and angry. She makes fun of me and calls me mean words, she bullies me when I try to please her. I got a really good report and good grades just for my mom but she still bullies me, she's never proud of me.

She's a hypocrite, I close my bedroom door and she shouts at me for 'slamming' the door. So I open it and leave it open. Then she comes in for no reason and goes out of my room slamming the door.

And she thinks she knows me but she doesn't know one bit. She doesn't know I have suicidal thoughts, she doesn't how I also get bullied at school, she doesn't know that I have cut myself several times.

My mom is pathetic, if you have an awesome mom, please don't take her for granted, there are kids out there like me who wish for a mom just like yours.

Story shared: 24/07/2014 09:02:23

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