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want to give up

I'm 14 years old I have been badly bullied from a young age. I was constantly told a was fat and ugly every day and night and there was no escape couse they lived near me. By time I went to big school I was beeten up sevral times and had no friends. I went on to secondary and ecpectEd things to get beeter. They did for a little bit. One citeneznship lesson our teacher started talking about self harm. Around a year later I moved school because we moved house. It was going well but I was finding it really hard to make friends and settel in. I started to rember all those lessons and it all became to much for me. I started to self harm.
One of the biggest mastakes of my life.
I have been stuck in this loop scince with failed suicid attemps and no friends. The bulling became worse again and I don't know what to do any more.
Promise me not to cut

Story shared: 18/11/2014 18:45:24

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