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My daddy and I

My father loves me SOOOOO MUCH and I love him the same. The only time he is rude is when I say that I want to have a boyfriend. But it's fine because then he shows me he is more than enough. He hurts me physically quite a lot by pulling my hair when I deep throat him and fucking me roughly. But I don't mind. However, recently he's started bringing his friends over. I pleasure them as much as possible and they compliment me. A lot. But I don't like them, they aren't as handsome and big as my daddy. I don't want my daddy to share me. I wanna be his little whore FOREVER. Also he has been getting bored of me. I know he goes to the brothel almost every night. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO PLEASURE HIM GOOOOOD SO HE NEVER LEAVES ME AGAIN!

Story shared: 24/12/2014 19:08:39

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