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Just why ?

I used to think I cant do this anymore, I used to wake up everyday feeling lost and confused, until one day, I saw it, the blade I picked it up and whilst I was drawing that blade across my skin it was like my mind was at rest. I continued doing it most days and all of my problems started disappearing one by one. It took me a couple of months to realise that " I was self harming ". I kept it quiet but after a while my friends started to notice things and I felt like I didn't have a choice but to tell them it was sort of nice though because I didn't have to keep it all stored inside me. eventually, after a lot of help from my friends I finally picked up the courage to tell my parents, but they aren't getting me the help I want. so I am still self harming and even though I am doing it I am starting to feel lost and confused again. I have severe depression and major anxiety but the strain from school really doesn't help, I will start going to see the school councillor but I am going to have to start believing in myself if I want to stop

Story shared: 05/01/2015 10:50:22

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