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Music helps.

I hate my mom. I know probably every other teenager in the history of time has said that, but I really mean it. She daily makes me feel like crap about myself, and I don't even think she notices. I have insomnia and often wake up feeling exhausted and stressed, and she doesn't help by yelling at me. She starts fights about stupid things and then yells at me for yelling at her (hypocritical, much?). I can't relax around her and am often on edge. My doctor says my stress levels are going up. School is better as my friends are awesome, but I find it hard to concentrate in class. When at home I try to avoid her as much as possible, but she always finds a way to blame me for something. Music helps to block out the world, and in turn, my mother. I know she loves me, and I her, but sometimes I find her sending resentful glares at me when I talk, like I'm a dissapointment. In one of our fights once, she told me that she had been considering just running away and leaving me. Well, ditto, mother dear. I get in trouble at school for skipping, but my mother doesn't care much. Instead of going to the shops or the park like normal truanting teens do, I go to my dads place. He helps. I don't have to say anything, he just understands that I need him. We do things like bake cakes or feed ducks, but I love him for every minute of my refuge from Her.

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