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FOX6 has obtained the dash cam video of what happened, that shows a chain reaction of choices with fatal consequences. The dash cam video is disturbing, but revealing, showing just what police did before the crash. ''Over the course of the past year, Dr. Shahian, through his skills and leadership, has made numerous contributions to CSEMC and the surgical department," they wrote.Is that all we're worth? A TWEET? REALLY? After all the high powered promises you made?Well Mr Liar In Chief, its payback time. You think Wisconsin rank and file don't have a good memory?Some Rank and file don't even have enough of your $3.99 gas to drive to the polls this time Mr Liar in Chief ! And you can bet the last dollar you raised at one of your fancy fundraisers that we ain't going to put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk to the polls to pull a lever for you.

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