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Companies and public institutions are often hesitant to describe publicly the nature or success of attacks on their computer systems, partly for fear of providing information that would be useful to the individuals or countries mounting the efforts. Even so, Google has recently been aggressive in announcing attacks and, in one recent case, of declaring that its origin was China, an accusation the Chinese government quickly denied..Our effective tax rate is projected to be about 27% for the year, and as you know that can vary quarterly. We expect to generate about $1.4 billion of net cash from operations and invest about $650 million in capital expenditures. As for the characters, I'm not a huge fan of the new Dante and guess what? Contrary to popular belief it's not about the hair! I (as many people who don't like new Dante) don't really care about the hair. The old Dante was a funny, cool, witty nonchalant demon slayer who didn't take himself too seriously.

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