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I don't think my life has a title. Not yet,so I chose to leave it like has taken a toll on me. Everything I start just becomes thus huge pile of mess and shit.i started harming myself when I was 12 .yeah, just 12. People bullying me just made me worse each day..getting sexually harassed by this perverts just. turned my life upside down. You know it isn't easy when you're being called a slut. Being punished for crimes I just didn't do..come on ..just believe me for god sake. Why is every one disappointed in me ..what have I done? Misunderstandings. I guess this describes my whole life.i have been tormented, haunted every night with those dreadful jokes and how comments taunts that u passed on me..when I just couldn't take it anymore .I let a piece of blade to do the work to make me numb enough to close my eyes and sleep and never wake up.those pills that burn in me weren't enough to numb it all.the darkness was just way to deep that I just hot lost. Try jumping from your terrace roof, well I couldn't because I'm a coward. Loosing people I love the most is I guess has become a unique quality of my life. I hate myself..I'm insecure .. I'm helpless.. I need a hand.. I'm misused ..Help me. I am 16 and I ran away from my home...This is my story.
This is my best shot..hope you feel me Christopher and rest all who would view this.

Story shared: 01/07/2015 17:46:30

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