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The toughest woman I know

My mother.... The toughest woman know. She has given all she could with little she had we made do. But our story starts way before I was even born. In London, England. My mother was born into a decent family, yet it continued to expand. Her father, my grandfather was a very busy and strict man. She tells me of how her parents wouldn't stop having children and travelling around. Finally they settled in Blackburn.
A small two bedroom terrace that would house nine people. My mother was enrolled locally in a religious school where she was afraid to go. She was bullied for having a ripped and scruffy uniform and was reluctant to attend. She sat in back alleys with her sister playing in the freezing cold. If this was not enough, my grandfather came to know if this through treacherous sources and would literally beat her black and blue. If this wasn't enough, she was often beat for no reason, wasn't given no money for the school tuck shop and only had two pairs of clothes. On top of this, her mother who couldn't handle the tension of all of these children would often beat her too. My mother recently revealed to me she was abused during her childhood which was the reason for writing this article.
Whilst she would grow up, she watched as her wealthy cousins were spoilt, yet she was always deprived of even the most basic necessities.
It doesn't end there. As she grew up, her father got her married young. He married her into what seemed like a respectable family but only later on appeared to be the most oppressive family ever. My father wouldn't allow her to go out, even to see her family or by the basic necessities, she was repremanded for cleaning the house and my mothers uncle was often called upon even though there was no need for him to be involved.
If this wasn't enough, he only went and told everyone about how the narrative is falling apart and amidst all of this, I was born. My mother has told me that often she was beaten by my father for asking for simple necessities such as clothes or baby products. It wasn't soon after that my sister was born and my mother decided to get a divorce.
She gave Lived a single and happy life for a few years, and despite this she then remarried my stepfather. He was a good man yet had a lot of money troubles. Initially it was perfect, although we lived in the same council house, we were still well off, well clothed and fed well. However the moment he decided to donut crime and get jailed for four years was tough in my mother. She had my small bother who was from her second marriage and had to parent three children alone. She was back to square one.
Although my stepfather bought her a business, they often rowed and the police paid visits frequently to our house during my childhood. After he came out from prison, he begun his false promises for a new house and better life. Years went by, yet my mother still lived in the same council house and the little benefits she received, he would borrow the money off her. In my house, I never knew where the money came from, just that it was there. we onto had enough to get by and my mother has had a rough life. Years of abuse and living in a broken home can either make or break a person. I have left out a considerable amount however you get the idea from this.
Yet for my mother, it has made her the strongest woman alive I know to this day. I love you mum and please stay strong. I promise it only gets better.

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