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You know the saying theres a first for everything? Well its my first tome on this site ans I have decided to make this a regular thing to help me and others. M y name is Alexis. Im 14 I have self harrmed for almost 3 years now. I currently weigh 82 lbs. And Im doing okay-ish. I stopped cutting for about 9 months and I was doing so well but for some insane reason I started again. Im struggling with my eating too. I read stories on this site daily I spend hoiurs reading comments and some people are so kind. I guiess I just want to hear those things for myself know Im not alone. I will post every sunday monday wednesday and friday. I will also answer comments 24/7. I will put my tags as baggyTshirt so you can find all of my posts.
Well thanks for reading.
Alexis X.

Story shared: 03/04/2016 17:15:05

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