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I don't know anymore.....

Hi I'm 13, a few months ago I was cutting. The reason I was cutting was because I was bullied and my parents were doing stuff that I didn't want them to, they was doing drugs and was never home to watch me and my brothers and they was always arguing and fighting and I didn't like it. I had moved to talihina and i was staying with my grandma and I started to get knives, blades, anything that I possibly could get. I starter cutting and a few weeks after that my grandma started hearing from other people that I was cutting, and my grandma had pulled me away from me hanging out with my cousins and took me to the bathroom and she asked me if I had been cutting, and I pulled up my sleeve and showed her my cuts and said yes I have. She started crying and saying that she didn't want me to do that cause she wanted me more alive than dead so I said okay ill stop but I didn't I started doing more. And a few weeks after that I finally stopped. But until now I want to start cutting

Story shared: 27/12/2016 09:05:56

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