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I'm a 15 year old girl and I have been cutting since was 12 and life hasn't gotten better at all, it just make me hurt more but I still have the urges to do so, I have only 2 deep cut and the rest are very shallow, those 2 cuts are when my mother and baby girl (dog) died, and i was very upset and sad they passed away 10 days apart, and I miss them dearly, but yes cutting sometimes gives you a better feeling, but it just hurts our physical appearance, and yes i may not be that old but I still know what it means to love, hurt, to be hurt, and be sad. and being mean to others or hiding away from others doesn't help us get better being with people and being active helps us, and some of you may disagree but that doesn't bother me because I remember when I used to think that cutting was the only way to cope with the pain, anger, and sadness. But I'm here to say that you peoples are not alone, and you are loved, maybe not by many but you are loved, I love you my fellow cutters

Story shared: 06/01/2017 21:57:22

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