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Broken Soul

I'm 13 and cutting. At first it was few scratches with a needle because I was scared of drawing blood. At school some people namely the "Popular" girls taunts me with words like freak,mad, crazy, and one time when I tried to help them they talked behind my back how worthless am I. At home I am expect to be the perfect little daughter. My mom has eyes and ears only for my brother and I always find myself left apart. My dad physically and verbally abuse me. My brother bullies me and I have exam stress. So I did my first cut last year, it started once a week but with the depression it became 3 to 10 cuts on daily basis. I tried to tell my mom by masking my name but I discontinued because to sum it all she is disgusted. Nobody notice my dilemma.

Story shared: 13/02/2017 18:14:26

#5346 View the comments about this story Tags: Sometimes I wish when I say that I am not fine - someone would hug me tight and say I know you are not.

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