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Idk why I started.

I started self harming when I was 13 about a year ago. I'm not entirely sure why I started because I hadn't really heard anyone talk about self harm before so I didn't know what it was. I just had a sudden urge to do it. I was in the kitchen before I walked to school and I just happened to see a knife in the draw. I just decided to press down really hard on the back of my arm and see what happened. Here wasn't a lot of blood but more than I expected. I was and still am going through some stuff that was getting me down a lot and it just felt so good. I did it once more before going to school and ever since then I haven't stopped. I do it often with a razor now and I just don't know why it feels so good. I cut all along my stomach, hips and high up on my thighs so no one knows. I don't want to stop because it's the only way I can feel alright and normal even though I don't think I am.

Story shared: 31/05/2017 01:10:01

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