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My best friend

When I was 10 my best friend starting to tell all my secrets to everyone in my school I didn't know why. Then she stared to call me fat and short she mad me feel worthless I went though a hole year with everyone hating me but I always stayed by her side I was willing to do anything to stay friends then I was 11 it felt like hell. I couldn't stand to be friends with her so one night I went in the kitchen and grabed a knife I went downstairs in the bathroom and I stared cutting I only did three that night the next day my mom forced me to wear a t-shirt and my friend seen'd them and got mad at me then more people found out they told me to go and kill myself and made fun of my self harm then the next year passed I was in grade 7 a few people still knew but most of then for got my other best friend (the nice one) got kicked out of my school cause they thought she was crazy I'm not friends with my old BFF anymore for what she did but yea I'm still in grade 7 though but I still have a little bit of hope left so that's my story

Story shared: 24/09/2017 04:04:16

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