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Every time i try and talk to my friends about how i feel, they never understand how extreme my emotions are. Every time i feel stressed or sad the say yeah same gcse's are shit, but for me its not just gcses it my whole life. Being on my own is...

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Tags: depressed - scared - angry - Cut

scared and angry

Well am a 16 year old girl and well am quit scared of going balk to skl as before i left i finaly amited to my friend that i was cutting and that so many bad thing was happening that i was ready to give up on life and i talked to pupil suport and...

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Tags: self harm - scared - angry

All I deserve is pain -WinterSparkles

I got the worst report of my schoolteachers today. My family are fuming. They're making me write the five essays that I didn't do in one week. I've just sunk back and want to kill myself all over again. I've cut a few new places today, just so...

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Tags: angry

I reall hate my mum

She's a belter she always swears at me and says i'm lazy yet she does nothing herself. I just turned 16 and she complains about how she pays everything what does she expect me to do pay her.. with what my £17pound job ? I always clean my room...

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Tags: mum - angry - Agressive - Contridictive - mom

hard life to live

Hi my name is john and im going to share some personal stuff with you all, that I havenít with others, I came from a broken home and was raised by an alcoholic mother I have one brother and a sister. We were pretty much on our own as our mother...

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Tags: love - sorry - sad - lost - angry - hurt

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i hate my mum

most would say that i am an average teen in an average family, well thats what it looks like. the thing is, i absolutely despise my mum, i actually feel physically sick when she is near me bcs i can't stand her. she is someone who thinks she is...

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Feeling lonely and pathetic

Hi there, I am a 39 year old man. Having read the postings on this site, I feel my story is slightly different. Many of the contributors feel trapped in families or jobs, whereas I feel I cant even get that far. I have never been loved, or know...

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Too lonely to live

I'm alone and unwanted. I have been for as long as I can remember. I always have been, I always will be. I've heard all the "someone for eveyone" lies, but isn't it funny how that particular platitude always comes from people who have...

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I don't know what to do.

This isn't as such a story, but something more along the lines of needed advice... or something... I don't know what. I found this site a while ago, and I read every story on here. Normally I go on these sites to give the advice, but now I feel...

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So what is my story?

I have been struggling with my life for just over 31 years. More recently I am seeing friends getting married and starting families while I am still single. I have been getting tired of all the comments and have felt like the male Bridget Jones...

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