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I started cutting about two months ago an the urge to grab something sharp hurts alot. I cut because of my severe anxiety and depression an felt the need to cut. So I did. I'm really ashamed of it but the stinging pain is just too comforting to...

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Tags: self harm - depression - anxiety


Well... Here I am... I am Bella and I'm 13... I have depression and anxiety in several levels, I started like 4 weeks ago and this situation is getting harder! Everyone know now so I'm like "mmm... This is so awkward" I really want to go back...

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Tags: depression - anxiety - cuts

It's happening again.. -nonamenikki

I can't take the pressure. I have so much school work to do..I'm passing with okay grades and I'm trying to pull them up...My parents are pushing me to do more work around the house and saying I'm lazy and don't do much. I'm about to cry...I...

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Tags: Help - anxiety - Cut - cry

Thank you -nonamenikki

I've just wanted to let everyone know, that's it has been very helpful to me. It helps me to let out my thoughts to complete strangers because I'm afraid my friends won't understand. I haven't self-harmed in over a week, that's when I...

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Tags: anxiety - crazy - mental - self harm


I'm starting to feel as if me and my best friend are drifting apart again. I hate it so much..Feeling as if you're trying so hard to rekindle it and it just burns out. This happened at the beginning of the year before someone had hacked her...

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Tags: anxiety

Breaking point.

Just last night, I freaked from a flu shot. I am scared of needles,and my parents got mad at me. Yes, I did act like a child,but I don't just trust anyone.When I got home, they yelled at me. This caused me to have some kind of mental...

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Tags: anxiety - crazy - mental - self harm


I have been told to see a doctor about my anxiety......wondering if anyone has any ideas what they might say or any medication which they may give me? Comments please......

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Tags: anxiety

Hurting at 17.

I look like an inocent little girl who was brought up into a priviladged family. Thats the problem.. everyone seems to make assumptions based on how your dressed and what your family background is like. Friends are envious of my life. But why?...

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Tags: abuse - family - College - pregnant - depressed - anxiety


My girlfriend, Chelsea, and I had been dating for almost a year. I truly did love her, and I knew it was true, because it's the longest relationship I've ever been in and past relationships haven't been as completing, or were simply...

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Tags: love - loss - Chelsea - sad - depressed - depression - mike - michael - torture - agony - anxiety

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i hate my mum

most would say that i am an average teen in an average family, well thats what it looks like. the thing is, i absolutely despise my mum, i actually feel physically sick when she is near me bcs i can't stand her. she is someone who thinks she is...

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Feeling lonely and pathetic

Hi there, I am a 39 year old man. Having read the postings on this site, I feel my story is slightly different. Many of the contributors feel trapped in families or jobs, whereas I feel I cant even get that far. I have never been loved, or know...

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I don't know what to do.

This isn't as such a story, but something more along the lines of needed advice... or something... I don't know what. I found this site a while ago, and I read every story on here. Normally I go on these sites to give the advice, but now I feel...

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Too lonely to live

I'm alone and unwanted. I have been for as long as I can remember. I always have been, I always will be. I've heard all the "someone for eveyone" lies, but isn't it funny how that particular platitude always comes from people who have...

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So what is my story?

I have been struggling with my life for just over 31 years. More recently I am seeing friends getting married and starting families while I am still single. I have been getting tired of all the comments and have felt like the male Bridget Jones...

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