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Hi I'm Sora, 15 years old. I selfharm since I'm 12 and can't stop till now. Every inch of my body has scars. I've attempted suicide few times but It doesn't kill me so, I live the rest of my life waiting for an accident kills me. I'm bullied and...

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Tags: Help - Selfharm - suicide - depression - bullying

I'm a bully.

And I know I am. I love making people feel bad. I love causing trouble for others. I know I'll get loads of shit for this, but I need to get it off my chest. I am a bully.

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Tags: bullying


I'm 15 and I started cutting a few months ago. I know i don't have the worst life, which makes me feel foolish for cutting myself, but I have trouble with trusting people because i'm used to being ditched and not loved. I also used to get jokes...

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Tags: Selfharm - bullying - trust

an easy release

So people call me cici.im 14 and i battle against self harm.i have an eating dissorder and i cut.when i was a kid i got bullied because i was "different" from everyone else.when i was 5 i watched my mum walk out on me.for years i thought it was...

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Tags: self harm - bullying

The truth behind those glassy eyes people used to look straight through and ignore the pain...

Staring at the bright screen in front of me, it's not hard to remember at all. It caused me too much pain to ever forget. She caused me too much pain to ever forget. Looking back to before year 3, I never would've imagined my life turning out...

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Tags: thatartificialsmile - Pain - bullying - suicide - overdose - self harm - bottling it up - depression - relapse - learning - Regret

Everything is wrong

I'm 13 years old and just finished my first year in Secondary school, and all I can think of most of the time is how much I hate my mum. Things are awful at home. My dad lives in England with his wife and her two sons and I hate her aswell. She...

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Tags: Help - parents - problems - alcohol - suicide - seperation - bullying

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i hate my mum

most would say that i am an average teen in an average family, well thats what it looks like. the thing is, i absolutely despise my mum, i actually feel physically sick when she is near me bcs i can't stand her. she is someone who thinks she is...

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I don't know what to do.

This isn't as such a story, but something more along the lines of needed advice... or something... I don't know what. I found this site a while ago, and I read every story on here. Normally I go on these sites to give the advice, but now I feel...

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Feeling lonely and pathetic

Hi there, I am a 39 year old man. Having read the postings on this site, I feel my story is slightly different. Many of the contributors feel trapped in families or jobs, whereas I feel I cant even get that far. I have never been loved, or know...

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Too lonely to live

I'm alone and unwanted. I have been for as long as I can remember. I always have been, I always will be. I've heard all the "someone for eveyone" lies, but isn't it funny how that particular platitude always comes from people who have...

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So what is my story?

I have been struggling with my life for just over 31 years. More recently I am seeing friends getting married and starting families while I am still single. I have been getting tired of all the comments and have felt like the male Bridget Jones...

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