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My best friend

When I was 10 my best friend starting to tell all my secrets to everyone in my school I didn't know why. Then she stared to call me fat and short she mad me feel worthless I went though a hole year with everyone hating me but I always stayed by...

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Tags: BFF - self harm - crying

Thinking Of Cutting

I'm a 13 year old girl. I want to cut because i feel like it could help me alot. I'm a border at a school far from family. I'm the biggest girl in my whole form, and it gets to me. I just wish I was good enough and i was like everyone else....

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Tags: cutting - crying - fat - insecure - alone


I'm trying not to cry. I'm at a low point, I want to cut. The urge is so strong. I need to cut. I want to see the blood, feel the pain. Get the feeling. The feeling that numbs me out, or makes me feel again. The one that makes me feel dead, or...

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Tags: cutting - crying

I want to cut

I'm sitting here, crying and listening to music, while trying to get through the urge to cut. I need someone to talk to. I have no one. I'm afraid of what I'll do someday. I want to stop. But it's impossible. -Razor

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Tags: Self-harm - cutting - crying


Right, there's kind of a lot to say. I'm not sure anyone will be bothered but I need to put atleast some of it in words... infact I'll make a list of why i'm upset; -my dad doesn't want to see me anymore, he favours both my stepmum and my...

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Tags: Self-harm - cutting - domestic abuse - domestic violence - Hate - nobody understands - crying - burning - heartache - lonliness - Unwanted - going into care - social workers

I cut

Im 14 Nobody knows I cut. All my friends and family think I'm the happiest person ever but I'm far from it. I hate when you read stuff about self harming and people say just don't do it go and do something to take your mind off it, those people...

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Tags: crying - self harm - cutting - sadness - Help - fourteen - Teen - teenager - No hope

I'm alone.

I am 9 years old and feel alone. I had just heard that one of my best friends had a different best friend than me and my other best friend. I just said ok and went along with it, but when she said my worst enemy's name I just had to act like I...

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Tags: child - friends - lonely - crying - Advice.

Molested at 10

When I had just turned 10, I was molested by a 17 year old. At the time, I thought it made me dirty and not innocent anymore but then over time I realized it wasn't my fault. I still have trouble showing affection to guys and automatically flinch...

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Tags: Childhood - molest - funeral - innocence - crying

Ripping from the inside out and it's getting worse...

I'm writing this sat here with a blade in my hand. I've been crying for hours and run out of tears to cry so I bleed instead. I first started to cut about two years ago, barely scratches at first using a compass, but as things started to get...

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Tags: self harm - cutting - Pain - crying - runaway

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Feeling lonely and pathetic

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I don't know what to do.

This isn't as such a story, but something more along the lines of needed advice... or something... I don't know what. I found this site a while ago, and I read every story on here. Normally I go on these sites to give the advice, but now I feel...

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Too lonely to live

I'm alone and unwanted. I have been for as long as I can remember. I always have been, I always will be. I've heard all the "someone for eveyone" lies, but isn't it funny how that particular platitude always comes from people who have...

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So what is my story?

I have been struggling with my life for just over 31 years. More recently I am seeing friends getting married and starting families while I am still single. I have been getting tired of all the comments and have felt like the male Bridget Jones...

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