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How Im getting on...

So, my name is Shannon Henchy, I have been self harming for 7 months now, I have depression and I'm bisexual, I am still getting bullied, but now I am getting proper counselling, but it making me even more depressed because I hate talking about...

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Tags: kik - Selfharm - bullied - depressed - can't cope - bisexual

How Im getting on...

So, my name is Shannon Henchy, I have been self harming for 7 months now, I have depression and I'm bisexual, I am still getting bullied, but now I am getting proper counselling, but it making me even more depressed because I hate talking about...

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Tags: kik - Selfharm - bullied - depressed - can't cope - bisexual


I'm depressed im now suicidal and have been for a long time. People are allways telling me speak up an have more confidence but I do that and it causes more pain and heart ache. People can't hear me scream but why is the silence sooo loud.:'( I...

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Tags: depressed

What self harm is to me

I started selfharming when I was just 13 but stopped after a while until I was 17. I don't show anyone my scars and if anyone see's them I make up an excuse so nobody knows the truth. I always want to do it, it makes me happy and I see it as a...

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Tags: self harm - Cut - depressed - art - happiness


This feeling consumes my body and I feel like no one understands. All I wanna do is cutt an make my body feel relief why do I get this feeling!!!!!!?

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Tags: depressed


Every time i try and talk to my friends about how i feel, they never understand how extreme my emotions are. Every time i feel stressed or sad the say yeah same gcse's are shit, but for me its not just gcses it my whole life. Being on my own is...

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Tags: depressed - scared - angry - Cut

ahhhhhh :'(

I'm bi I havnt told ppl yet and dont no how im biipolar and have depression and can't take it anymore each day I wanna rip my hair out and take that blade and slash my self up. I feel so alone

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Tags: depressed


Todays the same as before last night I was so depressed I thought picking up that blade was my only option. I can't take it anymore,I wanna scream I wanna shout but I keep trying too fight the urge too bleed plz help .me I don't no what too do

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Tags: depressed

another day

Todays is just another day. I wake up stressed, angry and sad and just want to kill my self. My mum makes me so angry I get angry over the smallest thing. I have fucked my room right up making holes and knocking down the door with a...

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Tags: depressed - mum - School - Deeper


I'm 16 and am bi. I have been cutting for a year or two now and can't stop. A friend of mine also cuts but I honestly think she does it for attention she always shows me and sends me pictures. This just really annoys if I try and stop he talking...

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Tags: self halm - Help - feel shit - depressed

I feel alone..

hi.. i'm a 15 year old Female.. i've been self-harming for 4 years now.. i've tried to kill muself a million and one times.. i don't want to hurt anymore.. i don't want to be alone.. my boyfriend and best friend try to help, but i can't tell...

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Tags: alone - scard - depressed - frustratied - upset - abused - hurt...

My stupid life

I was cunfused I was lost for my whole life. This never went good, never once have I been happy, never had a true friend, everynitght ever since I was 6 I cry myself to sleep, I cut every week 2 times I've been into a mental institute 4 times in...

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Tags: depressed - self harm - Hate - nothing - lost - bye

I wish.. -nonamenikki

I wish I could be skinnier. Maybe it would boost my self confidence. I wish I wasn't so stupid. Maybe I would at least make all As and Bs. I wish I could take a test without having some sort of a panic attack. That would help my grades. I wish...

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Tags: depressed

college making me depressed-silentgirl

I'm at college doin childcare and education so I go to different setting such as baby rooms and nursery schools. My last placement was in a nursery school which was amazing,the staff treated me with respect and I was made to feel like part of the...

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Tags: stress - College - depressed

60 to 0 in less than a minute

I was okay, and then it hit me. I was just upset. Everyone says "It's just hormones." Yeah, I am. I'm unhappy right now for multiple reasons. I've bored two of my friends and they aren't even talking to me, when I just want someone to get my...

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Tags: upset - depressed

I self harm on and off

I've never told anyone except for friends & a now ex-bf. It started in the 8th grade,im now in the 10 grade and still doing it on and off.i started again last year because my bff was bullying me everyday.i got a boyfriend and a new best friend.i...

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Tags: Cut - depressed

Am I Depressed?

I've been going through this for about 1 1/2 years now, and I don't know how to tell anyone. My mum knows I used to cut but doesn't know I still do. I want to tell her but I just can't. I don't know whether she'll believe me, and if she...

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Tags: Help - depressed - lonely

Ok well..

I am a bit depressed so can you help me

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Tags: depressed


Sometimes the loneliness is just much to bear, and I have to do something about it. I've been self-harming for about 2 years now, on and off since I was 12. I always think about killing myself, but I can't bring myself to do it. I get so...

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Tags: lonely - dying - depressed - Hopeless

Hurting at 17.

I look like an inocent little girl who was brought up into a priviladged family. Thats the problem.. everyone seems to make assumptions based on how your dressed and what your family background is like. Friends are envious of my life. But why?...

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Tags: abuse - family - College - pregnant - depressed - anxiety


when i was 10 my mum died, to make things worse my dad doesnt like being around me, and then the boy i love hates me and thinks im ugly, i feel like life is not worth living, my 2 best friends are thin and pretty and im well... not, suddenly i...

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Tags: depressed

life of a troubled kid

My story starts at the age of six, my best friend was dead and I witnessed it all. I had no confidence in myself and I was so depressed. I yearned for a way out. There was nothing to ease the pain. I wanted to stop it, stop everything, I wanted to...

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Tags: life - freedom - destroy - slash - self harm - hospital - depressed - knife - suicide - death - friend - overdose - love - lonely or hope

Fed up and had enough

I have been married nearly 8 years and my husband doesnt get on with my son, it has caused so many rows over the years and I am torn between both people who I love. None of them care how this is upsetting me, they only think of themselves. My...

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Tags: sad - depressed - family

Ever decreasing circle of help

Hi - found this site while googling 'feeling lonely'. Mmmmm. The computer is now my friend. I feel I have a problem because over the last 5 years in particular I have shut out friends (now given up trying with me) because I cannot speak about...

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Tags: lonely - depressed - decision

Fed up

Im fed up at this moment of my life. My husband is very lazy, wont do nothing around the house at all. I have been ill for a few years with stomache problems but get no help. He works but as soon as he comes home he sits on his backside. He gave...

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Tags: fed up - depressed


I am feeling depressed lately, its been building up more over the last few years. Any optimism I had before is vanishing and slipping away before my eyes. The days are gone where I used to look forward to anything and when I used to jump out of...

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Tags: depressed - lonely - bored - fed up


I have only recently discovered this site, and it is refreshing to see that I'm not alone in feeling the way I do. For me I feel totally unlucky, jinxed, call it what you want, but I'm so fed up with life, they say that your either glass half...

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Tags: depressed - desperate - FED UP WITH LIFE - I WANT A JOB!

i hate myself

hi im 24 yr old 2 children and seperated,i am seriousley down at most times and depressed,.i hate myself altho i dont let it show bt inside im hurting i also think people laugh at me n talk about me,they say u have to learn to love yourself b4...

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Tags: lost - lonley - depressed

" I dont wanna die, but Im not keen on living either" < in need of help.

I live in the north east. Im a 15 year old female. Ive had problems ever since I moved here. but im only going to explain what is happening now. Im ill at the moment. ive been off school a few days. im ill because of school i think. I cant say...

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Tags: depressed - need help - cant decide

Is this normal .. ?

Lately i feel as though im just getting worse.. i feel so depressed and cant seem to just get on with life and be happy, instead i put on a front and pretend im happy making sure no-one thinks any different but inside i feel so rubbish. im...

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Tags: depressed

Is My Life Worth Living

I'm 20 I don't know why I bother living my life. Just when things start looking up they come crashing down. I was a bit of a wild child when I was younger but I'm trying my hardest to make something out of my life now but everyone is bringing...

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Tags: lonely - depressed


My girlfriend, Chelsea, and I had been dating for almost a year. I truly did love her, and I knew it was true, because it's the longest relationship I've ever been in and past relationships haven't been as completing, or were simply...

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Tags: love - loss - Chelsea - sad - depressed - depression - mike - michael - torture - agony - anxiety

I'm so sick of never really living...

I have always been shy, and it never really mattererd too much because I have always been lucky enough to have good friends. But now I feel like the more I do, the less I have and the less people want to be around me. My 'depression' began when...

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Tags: lost - depressed

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i hate my mum

most would say that i am an average teen in an average family, well thats what it looks like. the thing is, i absolutely despise my mum, i actually feel physically sick when she is near me bcs i can't stand her. she is someone who thinks she is...

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I don't know what to do.

This isn't as such a story, but something more along the lines of needed advice... or something... I don't know what. I found this site a while ago, and I read every story on here. Normally I go on these sites to give the advice, but now I feel...

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Feeling lonely and pathetic

Hi there, I am a 39 year old man. Having read the postings on this site, I feel my story is slightly different. Many of the contributors feel trapped in families or jobs, whereas I feel I cant even get that far. I have never been loved, or know...

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Too lonely to live

I'm alone and unwanted. I have been for as long as I can remember. I always have been, I always will be. I've heard all the "someone for eveyone" lies, but isn't it funny how that particular platitude always comes from people who have...

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So what is my story?

I have been struggling with my life for just over 31 years. More recently I am seeing friends getting married and starting families while I am still single. I have been getting tired of all the comments and have felt like the male Bridget Jones...

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