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People won't believe me...

I made my first cut on Sep. 24, 2016. I used a spare blade from my mom's utility knife. It was hard. I wasn't even really upset, but I just had an urge to tear into my skin. I held the blade to my skin, and quickly jerked my arm away. The cut...

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What now (please help)?

I'm 18, a girl, bisexual, a depression sufferer, possibly with mild bipolar, an ex-cutter... My family is fab, my friendships are good and my friends are nice. My school is lovely. My life on the whole should be awesome. And it is... except...

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My Story

Hi I'm Sora, 15 years old. I selfharm since I'm 12 and can't stop till now. Every inch of my body has scars. I've attempted suicide few times but It doesn't kill me so, I live the rest of my life waiting for an accident kills me. I'm bullied and...

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5 years later - Isabel

I first found this website five years ago, a sad twelve year old who had just discovered cutting. Five years later I'm a sad 17 year old with scars from hips to calves and I'm no closer to find happiness. This website helped me all those years ago...

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I started cutting about two months ago an the urge to grab something sharp hurts alot. I cut because of my severe anxiety and depression an felt the need to cut. So I did. I'm really ashamed of it but the stinging pain is just too comforting to...

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People keep dyeing around me. My best Mate commited suicide last and didn't tell anyone wat they found his body broken by a railroad track RIP emere ill miss U there's one more angel in heaven now. I keep feeling the need too join him. I get...

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Well... Here I am... I am Bella and I'm 13... I have depression and anxiety in several levels, I started like 4 weeks ago and this situation is getting harder! Everyone know now so I'm like "mmm... This is so awkward" I really want to go back...

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Things are getting worse.

So it seems I'm making this a regular thing. Today it took all my willpower to stop cutting, it started with just one and ended up with over 20. It's so addictive seeing the red line of blood fill the crease the blade makes. I want help but...

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I've been clean for nearly a week but I keep feeling the urge too cross the blade across my skin and sigh in relief I can't atop thinking about it and wanna feel the pain what's wrong with me?x

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attacked and bullied

im 15 female, ive been cutting since i was 11 ive also attempted suicide 6 times. basicly i got sexually attacked by 3 lads and 1 man, my mom has domestic violence towards me, i got called names by people in my area like slut and slag and hoe all...

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Seeing the girl you have liked for such a long time with another girl makes me just feel even more shit. I have been suffering from depressing for a two years I'm 15 and cut every day. I want the girl to know how much she means to me but I pussy...

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self harm

years ago I use to self harm I'd hit my head and out of frustration I once jabbed my head with the pen I was holding I still have the scar today as a reminder of all that I been through over the years .

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Years of depression

I am now 54 and on my own I have suffered bouts of depression and even self harmed once I still have the scar obn my head to prove it and it's a remindern of what I went through . Has a child I was constatly bullied at school and as a result...

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no way out

The fights between my parents. They get a divorce, he's alone and depressed, and she's even more depressed and stressed out than she is noow. They don't get a divorce she stays depressed and unhappy for years and then who's gonna be there for...

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A depressed emo nerd

Hi. I used to self harm a lot, and tried to commit suicide. My best friend talked me out of it. now shes moved schools and my otherfriends arent going to do anything. They teased a couple of times until i got a pair of compasses and proved it in...

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A depressed emo nerd

Hi. I used to self harm a lot, and tried to commit suicide. My best friend talked me out of it. now shes moved schools and my otherfriends arent going to do anything. They teased a couple of times until i got a pair of compasses and proved it in...

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I don't know what to do

I have only cut a couple of times but I feel that I need to right now. I really need some advice because I don't want to harm!

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Tags: self harm - suicide - depression - lost

Past Two Days -nonamenikki

They have sucked majorly. Yesterday, it was a Monday.. Monday's are always bad. But I was thinking about how the guy I like and I haven't talked in a day or two. It made me think crazy things.. Looking at a bottle of pills "how many does it...

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Tags: lonely - hurt - Confused - guys - depression - self harm

Self Harm

I am bullied I am Bi-Sexual I am Depressed People say i self harm for attention. They bully me for it. Do they really think it helps to be victimized for my choices. If they stopped i might be able to stop. But they won't. Feel the same?

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Tags: self harm - Pain - depression

When he's not here

I'm sad. I'm lonely. I'm depressed and feel that I have nothing to live for. When I'm with him it's the complete opposite; I'm so full of life and couldn't feel better. I know he needs his own life, but without him there's nothing to life...

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Tags: love - depression

Sparky's fed up.

She can't tell anyone. The doctors think she's doing well. So does she, until one stupid little thing comes along and wrecks her day. What's the point in trying any more? DarthDaveJr has no idea how difficult this is.

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Tags: depression - life

I'm going to take a moment & say thanks to everyone in this.. -nonamenikki part 2

I would also like to thank my friends. Even though I only told a few of the trusting ones, it still helped me through it. Even though last night I went through an episode of triggers and didn't talk to them, I still thought of them & their...

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I'm going to take a moment & say thanks to everyone in this.. -nonamenikki part 1

I want to first thank God. I may not be the top notch Christian I want to be, but he has helped me through my self harm and depression. I may have not realized it at the time, but I do now. I'm not sure if this is the correct way to thank him for...

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Tags: thanks - self harm - depression

Recovery.. sort of - WinterSparkles

My depression has always been situational - if I'm in certain situations/environments, everything gets fucked up. Things are okay right now - I'm getting my work done, I have a boyfriend, it's sunny. They sound like really trivial things, but...

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My self harm story

Im 13 and I have started self harming because my mom and broke up my mom has tried to kill her self many times but I hv always kept her going my dad I HATE my he abused me 4 to long :( . Had chronic depression 4 three years. :(

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Tags: self harm - depression - Childhood - abuse

My self harm

Im 13 and I have started self harming because my mom and broke up my mom has tried to kill her self many times but I hv always kept her going my dad I HATE my he abused me 4 to long :( . Had chronic depression 4 three years. :(

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Tags: self harm - depression - child hood - abuse

I can't do this. -WinterSparkles

I'm gonna get shitloads of 'you deserve to live', 'you can get through this' messages, but I know I can't carry on living like this. Every day I want to die and this feeling isn't going away. When it does go away, something happens and I...

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Tags: suicide - depression

Failure -WinterSparkles

I'd love to go out with him, he's so fucking wonderful and nice. But I feel like I'm gonna be a failure to him, just like I am to everyone else. I won't be good enough for him and it kills me because I really like him. I just want to die...

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Tags: love - suicide - depression


I was sexually abused as a child. I'm 23 years old now and not anywhere near getting over it. I was seeing a psychiatrist couple of years back. It helped that time.... I was okay for sometime. I relapsed several times into depression since then....

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Tags: self injury - sexual abuse - depression

This guy -WinterSparkles

I like this guy. He likes me. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! I have depression. I self harm. He doesn't know how my illness basically fucks me over. He wants to make me happy, but doesn't know about all the bad stuff in my head. I don't know how...

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Tags: love - depression - relationships

That Urge..

im sure everyone gets it. that one damn urge to scream at the top of your lungs and hit and kick everything in sight. im a cutter. a 2-year straight cutter. i cut until i see enough red to satisfy myself. i also starve myself. everyday. im only...

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Everything gets better .

im a 16 year old girl, who used to self harm for a couple of years because i lost my best friend to suicide and soon after i began to loose my other best friend to depression. I seen her fall apart from being a happy carefree girl to someone I...

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i don't want to go back

hi, i used to self harm, i stated cutting when i was 12. it went on until i was 16, am now 19. at that time i had severe depression, i thought i had got better, i was happy for about three years. but now i keep feeling that familiar pain of...

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Tags: self harm - depression


Hey. My name is Olivia Coombes. I used to cut myself, my mum had just died of cancer and I felt depressed and in need of a friend. So I turned to one. She was amazing to me and I loved her. It's been 2 years since my mum died and a month since I...

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Tags: Self-harm - friendship - death - ADVICE! - depression


im suicidal. i want to die more than anything. I'm stuck in a bad relationship where theres fighting everyday and i hate it but stay in it because I'm in love. I've been cutting for over a year now. I'm anorexic and bulimic. I've been...

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Tags: self harm - cutting - suicidal - anorexia - bulimia - depression - BPD - Help


im suicidal. i want to die more than anything. I'm stuck in a bad relationship where theres fighting everyday and i hate it but stay in it because I'm in love. I've been cutting for over a year now. I'm anorexic and bulimic. I've been...

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Tags: self harm cutting - suicidal - anorexia - bulimia - depression - BPD - Help


im suicidal. i want to die more than anything. I'm stuck in a bad relationship where theres fighting everyday and i hate it but stay in it because I'm in love. I've been cutting for over a year now. I'm anorexic and bulimic. I've been...

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Tags: self harm cutting - suicidal - anorexia - bulimia - depression - BPD - Help


im suicidal. i want to die more than anything. I'm stuck in a bad relationship where theres fighting everyday and i hate it but stay in it because I'm in love. I've been cutting for over a year now. I'm anorexic and bulimic. I've been...

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Think about it

Just take a moment to think about this- I, like many people on here have self harmed, stopped eating & tried suicide on several occasions but since 6 months ago, i realised that there are so many ways & times when we could kill ourselves & we...

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Tags: self harm - depression - suicide - anorexia - lost - think - cars - death - recovery

What's Happening?

I don't know if I get depressed a lot because I'm at a "certain age" or if something is causing it. I find that self harming helps but even so, it's like I can't control my emotions all of the time. I've talked to a teacher but I'm having...

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Tags: self harm - depression - Moving

I can't deal with life.

For years I've had depression, and I really don't think I'll ever get better. I turned 18 today, and it's been the worst day of my life so far because I can't deal with all the pressures of school and family that surround me. I'm so fed up...

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Tags: depression - suicide


i just need to say it. its 4 months since i tried suicide and i selfharmed years before then but in pshe at school im in the group about mental wellbeing and today we had a lesson on selfharm suicide and depression and according to the teacher...

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Tags: self harm - depression - helpless - suicide

Compulsive Liar

I lie constantly to paint myself a nice picture. Truth is, I'm an anorexic who hates the way she looks. People talk about me behind my back, I know they do but I just pretend not to listen. People say I have the perfect life and that I'm really...

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Tags: anorexic - suicide - depression - hatred - Pain - death - hell.

i want to be normal.

ive always known that something wasn't right, but being told I have anxiety and depression has really hit me hard, I don't want to accept the fact that im ill. I don't want any medication. I just want to be normal:'(

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Tags: depression

should i stay or should i qo ?

To be honest, i dont want to keep livinq like this.Im 15, practically homeless, no family, raped, been in jail, in CYFS, on druqs, smokes, drinks, alone, self harms ect. Someone help me ? please? )': FTWurld FMLife )':

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Tags: depression

Life's really getting to me

I'm simply getting sick and tired of living now. Music no longer distracts me. I've been hearing voices and seeing things for the past 4 years and it's getting to the point now where i can't take it anymore... My cutting is just getting deeper...

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Tags: self harm - suicide - cutting - depression - voices

The end.

I don't know what to do anymore. I lied, the suicidal thoughts never went, now they're worse than ever, maybe its time for me to finally let go. I know how and where it will happen. Now just need the day. I self harm every fucking day and...

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Tags: suicide - self harm - voices - depression

Stop the pain.

I'm going to commit suicide soon. I've been self-harming for three years since I was 13, and I just can't take it any longer. I hate life, and i shall embrace death with cold arms and a soaring heart.

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Tags: death - suicide - Self-harm - depression

Don't give up

I am 25 years old and its been 8 years since I last cut myself. I self harmed for at least 3 years and suffered from depression for a lot longer. I know how hard, dark and lonely it can feel. But I also know how it can get easier and you can get...

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Tags: overcome - self harm - depression - lonely - not alone - Help - talk

Why is it never enough?

Hi all hope you are feeling better today. about me: I am a 35yo male I have 3 lovely children, however I am no longer with their mum (and no not my choice), I have a full time job, I'm living in a house with a friend and have a good family to...

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Tags: self destructive - suicidal - depression

My life.

Trying to write this down is going to be very difficult and Iím not particularly good at English but here goes: My mum died when I was only 7.

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Tags: cutting - self harm - depression - friends - death

Bad Habits..

Well.. here goes... i guess? I'm 13. Back in November of last year (13 months ago) a 'friend' of mine started cutting herself because we're into rock,metal and scene kind of styles. I realised she was mainly doing it for the attention...

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Tags: self harm - cutting - teenager - bad habits - Childhood - depression

More of a question than a story, but I can't post it anywhere else...sorry

I have loads and loads of feelings to do with different things and even, well, nothing, and I think I'm depressed. However, I can't let out my feelings because I feel afraid to cry and I feel as if I'm not allowed, and resentful of people who...

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Tags: Help - depression

depression ruined my life!

it started from a very younge age, i was about 5 when my mum met a her boyfriend at first he was allways nice to my family but as i became 10 he soon turned. i got emotionally beaten down by him everyday. he used to say thinkgs like "your ugly...

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Tags: depression - self harm - abuse

Her life with cancer, my life with pain, #2

Now, I'm doing self harm, and life seems almost too hard, and she was my anchor. It's so much lighter now, and I'm being driven insane. I have good grades, good friends, a good remaining family, so why am I being so selfish and stupid? All I...

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Tags: Just another voice - thoughts of suicide - depression - Cancer - self harm

my falldown

ok dont know how to write this but here it goes....... when i first started high school i was a bit of a loser, had couple of friends, done ok at school work and was a nice girl to people, then my school moved me groups to a bad good, dont know...

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Tags: depression - self harm - uphappy

Is there something wrong with her?

I'm 18 and so is my girlfriend. I used to think of her as quite moody and she can be really irrational. But now I think it may be something more serious. The more she trusts me the more she lets me into her secret posessions. Like her...

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Tags: depression

i hate my life.

im depressed. long story cut short - my mum constantly picks fights or arguments, nothing i do is ever right for her. i used to cut myself bcs of her, i even tried an over-dose to get away.. she makes me feel THAT bad about myself. she tells me...

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Tags: depression

whats the point of life?

i have been sad for as long as i can remember, for over 22 years i longed for someone too be my friend. but every time i approach someone they just laugh and make fun of me. i have been wandering what i lacked, i thought may be it is my...

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Tags: depression - death

I'll get there eventually...

I remember the first time I did it. I was young, and I was in that protective little bubble where before that the only thing that could upset me was mum telling me off for not saying please and thank you. The world had just started to get a bit...

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Tags: self harm - suicide - true accounts - true story - self mutilation - mental illness - depression

I'm always so tired

I love speaking other languages and I want to have a career in foreign languages when I am older. I'm 14 years old and I am already fluent in five languages, and I'm starting on my sixth now. To do that I have to stay up into the small hours...

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Tags: anorexia - stress - gcse - England - philippines - culture - mum - Hate - depression - dance

The truth behind those glassy eyes people used to look straight through and ignore the pain...

Staring at the bright screen in front of me, it's not hard to remember at all. It caused me too much pain to ever forget. She caused me too much pain to ever forget. Looking back to before year 3, I never would've imagined my life turning out...

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Tags: thatartificialsmile - Pain - bullying - suicide - overdose - self harm - bottling it up - depression - relapse - learning - Regret


I just don't know where to start really, I feel like I'm having a complete breakdown and I don't know what to do or where to go. I'm 24, 9 years ago my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and my mum was diagnosed with emphysema. My Dad found this...

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Tags: Cancer - depression

Falling into a black hole

It's 2:30pm. I'm still in my dressing gown sat on my sofa. I'm out of work at the moment and know I won't be able to get another freelance contract til the new year. Hence why I'm just sitting here. I'm very lucky that I have a loving...

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Tags: depression

From child to mother

My story starts when I was just a little girl. I started off quite shy and very sensitive so when I was subjected to an abusive stepfather from the age of 4 I became even more withdrawn. There was a constant tension in the house, and so I became...

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Tags: strong - abuse - Childhood - autism - depression - self harm - suicide


I thought it would have helped me deal with things a lot better, after my last item, but since posting it, things have just got worse, and now today I have just reached a real low, the lowest I have felt since the late 90's, when I really wanted...

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no one will listen

'you look sad, i'm worried, you're not happy, would you like someone to talk to who can help?' yes. but i never got it. everybody in my life wants to sugarcoat my eating disorder apart from me. i just don't know what to do anymore.

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Tags: eating disorders - anorexia - depression - lost - lonely - sad - ugly - fat

Guilty Over Weight

I thought I was happy with my weight, untill I saw holiday pics of myself I felt aweful. I'm 20, 5ft 4" and weigh 9 stone (size 12) and used to be 2 stone heavier till I managed to lose the weight. Whenever I look at myself in the mirror i just...

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Tags: Jealousy - Weight - depression


My girlfriend, Chelsea, and I had been dating for almost a year. I truly did love her, and I knew it was true, because it's the longest relationship I've ever been in and past relationships haven't been as completing, or were simply...

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Tags: love - loss - Chelsea - sad - depressed - depression - mike - michael - torture - agony - anxiety

My Cure

heres one of my blog journals i wrote the other day.... i just just hope in sharing this stroy, people can relate and hopefully gain some advice from it and Hopefully help in some way??? Sunday, December 31, 2006 My Stroy on 'My Cure'...

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Tags: depression - self harm - ED - bullys - love - rehab

lost convicts soul

Hi my name is john and im going to share some personal stuff with you all, that I havenít with others, I came from a broken home and was raised by an alcoholic mother I have one brother and a sister. We were pretty much on our own as our mother...

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Tags: love - sorry - Help - lost - depression - relationship

It happens to the best of us...

I'm Chris, I come from rural England near London. I find it easier to explain myself as a metaphor really: When I go for a job interview I always impress - I appear happy, confident, full of personality and humour and like someone who is...

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Tags: lost - Hope - depression - sensitive

feeling lonely and shy and out of place and feel real low need serious help

it all started at the age of 11 where i had started school. i was always feeling low and out of place. and i had been feeling claustrophobic ever since. i never know what to do and always feel as if I'm the only one feeling this way. while...

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Tags: depression

i need to talk

i have needed someone to talk to for a while but im not very good at talking to people so i thought i shud just write it all down.well this might seem a bit supid but im only 15 and for the last 2 months i have been really upset angry and...

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Tags: lost - scared - afraid - depression

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Favourite Stories

i hate my mum

most would say that i am an average teen in an average family, well thats what it looks like. the thing is, i absolutely despise my mum, i actually feel physically sick when she is near me bcs i can't stand her. she is someone who thinks she is...

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Feeling lonely and pathetic

Hi there, I am a 39 year old man. Having read the postings on this site, I feel my story is slightly different. Many of the contributors feel trapped in families or jobs, whereas I feel I cant even get that far. I have never been loved, or know...

Read the full Story 24/09/2006 19:44:28

I don't know what to do.

This isn't as such a story, but something more along the lines of needed advice... or something... I don't know what. I found this site a while ago, and I read every story on here. Normally I go on these sites to give the advice, but now I feel...

Read the full Story 09/12/2007 12:32:14

Too lonely to live

I'm alone and unwanted. I have been for as long as I can remember. I always have been, I always will be. I've heard all the "someone for eveyone" lies, but isn't it funny how that particular platitude always comes from people who have...

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So what is my story?

I have been struggling with my life for just over 31 years. More recently I am seeing friends getting married and starting families while I am still single. I have been getting tired of all the comments and have felt like the male Bridget Jones...

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